inhop.vnnstructed of 3milimet neoprene và terry lined for inhop.vnmfort. This Benik glove sầu is designed khổng lồ offer support for the thumb CMC and MCPhường. If more tư vấn is needed select from the thermoplastic options available.Cliông xã here to lớn download a printable h& splint order formNB. Lead time for the Benik products can be up lớn 28 days.cliông xã here for order guide

BD88ALA, Left£31.50
BD88DRD, Right£31.50
BD88DLD, Left£31.50
BD88CRC, Right£31.50
BD88CLC, Left£31.50
BD88BRB, Right£31.50
BD88BLB, Left£31.50
BD88AABRAAB, Right£31.50
BD88AABLAAB, Left£31.50
BD88AAAARAAAA, Right£31.50
BD88AAAALAAAA, Left£31.50
BD88AAARAAA, Right£31.50
BD88AAALAAA, Left£31.50
BD88AARAA, Right£31.50
BD88AALAA, Left£31.50
BD88ARA, Right£31.50
BD88TWSModification - Thumb Web SpacePOA
BD88DTSModification - Dorsal Thumb StayPOA
BD88STModification - Standard Thumb StayPOA
BD88TSModification - Thenar SupportPOA
BD88MModification - Add Proximal LengthPOA
BD88MModification - Add Distal LengthPOA
BD88MModification - Dorsal Aluminium StayPOA
BD88MModification - Palmer Aluminium StayPOA

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