With the mission of “Enhancing corporate brand” with complex flexible packaging products khổng lồ meet international unique standards. We look forward lớn building our business’s great value axis through improving your competitive sầu edge, your brand experience in packaging products!

15 years of creating the br& Binh Minch Packaging with a long-term strategic vision of packaging products produced by modern technology. We are always proactive sầu & amp; flexibility in the production line from raw material selection lớn the final customer experience. Binc Minch is proud lớn be a pioneer enterprise và an effective companion of Vietnamese brands in the packaging field today.

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With more than 15 years of experience, we constantly research, improve sầu production capathành phố, train and build a team of professional staff và workers lớn bring satisfaction to lớn customers.


People are the top priority of Binch Minc with many years of experience in the field of complex films, with a team of young, dynamic, & enthusiastic staff, we are committed to bringing satisfaction, trust you in service chất lượng as well as reasonable prices.

A team of skilled workers, passionate about the job, well-trained in professional skills, technical expertise. Every year the company regularly organizes training activities, equipping them with knowledge about occupational safety and first aid. In addition, the company also organizes sports activities, culture, and culture to lớn create a playground, a cthua thảm environment for the staff of the company.


The factory of Binch Minch Packaging Joint Stoông chồng Company has about 200 engineers & skilled workers, with a full range of equipment và machines for diverse & complex production. ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP. – GMP, BRC issue 6 meet all customer requirements.

Factory of Binh Minc Packaging Joint Stoông chồng Company has a total area as follows:

Office: 500 mét vuông Cu Chi Factory: 10,000mét vuông VSIPhường II Factory A: 12,000mét vuông

With the current capacity & capathành phố, annually Binh Minch Packaging Joint Stoông xã Company can produce with a maximum capacity of 2,100 tons of products / month khổng lồ serve sầu, meet the requirements customers & ensure product unique according to given standards.

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Most of the company’s input materials are imported from ASEAN countries such as xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan, Singapore, Korea … Besides, depending on sản phẩm features and customer requirements, raw materials for export. origin from nhật bản, Australia, America … is also imported directly according to lớn orders.

In addition, to ensure stable inputs in the production process, domestic raw materials & additives are prioritized for selection và supply by reputable importers và brands in the industry. packaging.

The raw materials are under chất lượng control from input, storage, and preservation according khổng lồ ISO 9001: năm ngoái Quality Management System, BRC issue 6 . Materials are allocated for production according lớn the principles of FIFO (first in first out first out) & FEFO (first in first out).


Product unique is always Binch Minh’s first goal, our commitment to lớn our partners.