The project tries to lớn update & reModel the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 game created by the Spike company with the new content that has appeared from Dragon Ball from 2007 to lớn 2018, trying to be as faithful as possible to lớn what the original creators were trying khổng lồ achieve sầu. Representing the franchise in this frenetic game that simulates the most iconic anime fights.

We have sầu prepared a specific section with the Changelog or (danh mục of changes) of each version released so that you can see all the changes that were made, there are too many!

Being a modification of the original, the game is designed internally lớn be played on a Playstation 2. For this you can download the "PC / Emulator" version that comes in ISO format, which can also be emulated by computer, but does not guarantee its correct operation. In addition, we have provided a version in "PKG" format for those who wish khổng lồ emulate the game on their Playstation 3 console.

The game download can be found on this same page, in the "Download" section. It is in "rar" format that contains the game inside. You must have sầu Winrar or 7zip installed on their system, right cliông xã and select "Extract Here". You will obtain the game in ISO format if it is the version of PS2 or PC, or in PKG format if it is the version of PS3.

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The game is always in progress, we have sầu thousands of ideas in mind to update the game's aesthetics and gameplay, but since we also need feedbaông xã from people, we decided to lớn release Betas or updated versions of the content that the final game will have sầu so that people you can test & see with your own eyes the changes it will have sầu regarding Budokai Tenkaibỏ ra 3.The game will be complete once we decided that we have already achieved all our goals and ideas & the game is không lấy phí of bugs or errors.

Betas or updated versions of the project vị not have sầu set dates and we launch a new version when we think we already have enough new nội dung for people lớn try và give us their opinions about it. Approximately we upload a Beta every 8 to 10 months, depending on the work it takes us and the time we are allowed to work on it due lớn our responsibilities in real life.

Unfortunately the game only allows us to modify what is already programmed by the limits of the game, characters, chapters of Story Mode, number of events per chapter, maps, & other things, everything is listed and limited lớn that number, và you cannot expvà it.

The ISO is blocked for several reasons:

- Collaborators vày not want their mods to lớn be extracted from the ISO và being used in other projects or "compiler" ISOs.

- We vị not want other "modders" or people who profit from the game nội dung to lớn extract the ISO nội dung và include it in their Projects, making them pass as theirs.

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- We bởi vì not want people in general lớn modify the ISO on their own and advertise such nội dung in our project, confusing those who expect that content by default in our project.

For those reasons, amuốn other things, we vày not help or encourage people, whether for personal reasons or not, to unlochồng the ISO. Please, we ask you to underst& & respect our decision.

The nội dung of the project is based on a danh sách of priorities that the Team BT4 has lớn filter what is considered unnecessary, little relevant, relevant, or extremely important, prioritizing the Official nội dung.First of all, we take Dragon Ball Z Anime as extremely important, or of highest priority. All relevant content of that Anime (perhaps removing the filler) is almost impossible lớn remove sầu from the game, và we also plan khổng lồ add the nội dung that is missing or that we believe sầu that should be in the game of that anime.Then the goal of the project is lớn update the game with nội dung from the Dragon Ball Super anime, making it the second priority. We DO NOT take inkhổng lồ tài khoản the Manga of this one.

The least relevant, but equally necessary is the nội dung of Dragon Ball GT, the OVAs & Movies of Z, và then the content of the original Dragon Ball Anime.

Finally, we can add Clip game content lượt thích Dragon Ball Online, since it was supervised by Toriyama.

Fanmade nội dung, such as Dragon Ball Multiverse, content from other đoạn Clip games that are not part of the Spike company, và Toei bonus nội dung to promote video games or other products are not taken into lớn account much, unless it is an extra skin for some character or something similar, và if they can be removed khổng lồ include something of higher priority it will be done.

The game is NOT for sale, we vì chưng not have the property rights, these belong to lớn Bandẻo Namteo, Toei Animation, Spike Chunsoft and those related lớn the original game. The game is không lấy phí và you can download it from the "Download" section of this page. If you were sold the game, it is probably an old Beta & you don't have all the new content to enjoy, so we suggest you download the game.

You can burn the game in ISO format to lớn an empty DVD to lớn play it on your PS2, for this you can tìm kiếm for tutorials on the mạng internet or YouTube if you bởi not know the process, but the game works very well when played by Pendrive or Ethernet on a Playstation 2.

The main language of the text và voices of the game is Latin Spanish, thanks lớn Kinnikuchu, & its secondary language of voices is that of the original anime, Japanese. We plan to lớn make a PAL English version with text translations lớn the 5 languages available for that version once we have sầu completely finished the Spanish version.