Suspended nets are a fun way to lớn make a space more comfortable, brighter, và more memorable. They provide a great nap spot, let natural light pour through them, & add an element of uniqueness khổng lồ the interior of your trang chính or office. Today we’re sharing 10 examples of nets in both homes và officesthat make living và working more comfortable & much more interesting.

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1. The lofted net in this home page provides a fun hideaway for the kids and creates the perfect reading nook.

BAOSOL designed this off-grid timber trang chủ in Coloravị. Photography by Andrew Michler.

2. Suspended nets in this office provide a fun place to lớn work và collaborate with coworkers in a relaxed & comfortable environment.

Paralelo Zero designed thismodern office in Portugal. Photography by Francisco Nogueira.

3. The net above the living room in this modern trang chủ creates a play space for kids, và a relaxing spot for grownups.

PYZ architecture designed this house in France.

4. The loft space in this teenager’s bedroom is made up of a sleeping area, a net lounge, and a glass floor that makes it easy to lớn see what’s going on down below.

Architecture by IF (Integrated Field Co., Ltd.). Interior Design by Porntida Kruapat & IF. Photography by Wison Tungthunya & IF.

5. The nets in this children’s bedroom and study space provide a bright spot to loungeand play.

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Ruetemple designed this children’s bedroom and study space in Moscow, Russia.

6. This book room features a large system of suspended nets that create the perfect spot khổng lồ curl up with a book, a game, or spy on the people down below.

Andrew Maynard Architects designed the modern extension of this family home. Photography by Peter Bennetts.

7. The net above the living room of this family home creates a fun play spot & keeps the living room bright by allowing more natural light in from the windows upstairs.

ALTS Design Office designed this modern family trang chủ in Kyokhổng lồ, Japan.

8.A suspended net in this living room creates a lofted space that’s idea for readingvà lounging in style.

Egue y Seta designed this house in Barcelona, Spain. Photography by VICUGO FOTO.

9. The large net in this trang chủ allows loungers khổng lồ feel like they’re actually hanging outside in a hammoông xã thanks to lớn the floor to lớn ceiling windows on one side & the patch of real grass underneath.

Tecto lớn Arhitectura designed this passive sầu house in northern Romania.

10. The large net above the living room in this trang chủ makes for a fun play area for the kids & a relaxing spot to lounge.