Facts About Lee Seung-gi & Yoona’s Past Relationship

Despite having broken up in 2015, many people still consider SNSD’s Yoona & Lee Seung-gi as an ideal couple because they look perfect together & have many similarities. Both of them are notorious for their good nature và manner, often donate khổng lồ those who are in need, and have the down-to-earth characteristic which is widely admired by senior và junior celebrities alike.

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Here in Channel Korea, we will reveal all the facts regarding the relationship between SNSD’s Yoona và Lee Seung-gi. So, keep reading!

1. Yoona và Lee Seung-gi’s First Meeting was in 2007


SNSD’s Yoona và Lee Seung-gi met way back in 2007. At the time, SNSD was newly debuted, and Lee Seung-gi was still a rookie singer. They met several times on the variety show Happiness In ₩10,000, and on music shows as they promoted at the same time.


2. Yoona and Lee Seung-gi Won The Same Awards in 2010


In 2010, both Yoona & Lee Seung-gi won Popular TV Star awards at the 46th Baeksang Arts Awards.

They came lớn the stage & held the flower bucket and trophy. Lee Seung-gi let Yoona gave her award speech first, making him a real gentleman, especially since, technically, he is a senior who was supposed khổng lồ give the award speech before she did. Didn’t Lee Seung-gi’s courtesy make your heart flutter?

3. Yoona và Lee Seung-gi Stated They Rarely Use Social Media

Long before Instagram became the must-have social network platform for celebrities, SNSD’s Yoona and Lee Seung-gi were both known lớn stay away from the popular medium. Yoona used UFO khổng lồ communicate with her fans, and some of her answers suggested that she didn’t use Instagram lượt thích the other SNSD members because she was afraid khổng lồ make mistakes. She felt it was better to use official websites và the SNSD members’ social truyền thông media account. In addition, Yoona said that UFO is lượt thích her world, so fans can text her more.


On the other hand, when Lee Seung-gi was asked why he didn’t use Twitter, he said, “There are times where I feel stuck & want to confess my honest feelings. But I vày not use SNS (social network service) because I might make mistakes when I am drunk or when I am too tired to make proper decisions.” The similarities between Yoona and Lee Seung-gi were praised by netizens, as they seemed to be wise about using SNS. These days they may each have their respective social media accounts, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are very careful when it comes khổng lồ posting in SNS, don’t you agree, dear readers?

4. Yoona and Lee Seung-gi Met Often in SBS’ Strong Heart


It’s no secret that Yoona and Lee Seung-gi’s most frequent appearances were during SBS’s Strong Heart. Lee Seung-gi, who was the show’s MC, often saw Yoona when she was invited on the show, be it with the whole SNSD, or with just some of the group’s members.


As usual in Strong Heart, there was a segment where the guest & MC roast each other. During her appearance in 2010, Yoona stated that Lee Seung-gi would not pick her as his ideal type if hadn’t she said she likes him. As a result, Lee Seung-gi looked a little bit confused. Khổng lồ conclude the roasting, Yoona said, “Your words are so unclear” and laughed because she successfully made the actor perplexed.

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During Yoona’s 2011 Strong Heart appearance, Boom teased Lee Seung-gi, as he looked overjoyed, asking “Do you like her that much?” lớn which Lee Seung-gi replied, “I like her khổng lồ death.” The blatantly honest confession surprised Yoona, & she laughed while the audience cheered for them.


Not only confessions, Yoona & Lee Seung-gi were told to lớn make an aegyo clip together. Before their act, Lee Seung-gi was spotted stroking Yoona’s hair, which made the idol look down, shyly. How adorable!

5. Yoona and Lee Seung-gi Often Met at Award Ceremonies


Yoona và Lee Seung-gi also often met at award ceremonies and year-end music shows. Both of them were chosen as MCs because they make such great hosts.

In SBS Gayo Daejun 2011, the two performers not only hosted the event together, but also appeared on a special stage where Lee Seung-gi performed his tuy nhiên Alone in Love và Yoona appeared as his partner và cameo. Watch the fancam of their performance below!

7. Yoona & Lee Seung-gi Started Dating in 2013 and Confirmed They’re Dating in 2014

On 1 January, 2014, the long-awaited news was revealed, when Dispatch exposed Yoona and Lee Seung-gi on a secret date. It came out that they had been dating since September, 2013.


The above photos were taken on 8 October, 2013, after Lee Seung-gi returned from his Japanese concert. He & Yoona went lớn Han River after he picked her up at the Samsungdong apartment where Yoona lives with her parents. After their date, Lee Seung-gi dropped Yoona off at her home, while she carried a shopping bag that contained a gift which he bought her in Japan. Han River wasn’t the only time they got together, Yoona and Lee Seung-gi went to lớn Namsan, và other places, in October, và went on a few dates in November. According lớn Dispatch, the couple never stay out past 1 a.m., which made netizens call them the ‘Cinderella couple’.

Both performer’s talent agencies, SM Entertainment and Hook Entertainment, confirmed their artist’s relationship, “Lee Seung-gi & Yoona are dating, but they are still getting to lớn know each other. Since they are both young and their relationship is only in the beginning stages, please look on them kindly”.