A light green plant seems a perfect logo sản phẩm for a company promising natural herbal products and “healthy, active sầu lives” for its customers.

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Meaning and history


One of the world’s largest multi-level sale corporations, Herbalife Nutrition was established by Mark Hughes in 1980. While the company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, it is incorporated in the Cayman Islands. The hàng hóa range includes a variety of dietary supplements, weight management and sports nutrition products.



The logo can be broken inlớn two parts: the emblem depicting a plant on the left and the wordmark on the right.

The emblem represents a plant (herb) with three leaves (or petals). The two leaves on the sides are smaller than the leaf in the middle. The kiến thiết is symmetrical: its left part looks like the mirror reflection of its right part. The three leaves are green over the Trắng background. They are placed inside a thin green ring.

The wordmark features the text “Herbalife Nutrition” in two lines. While the letters seem lớn have sầu a similar style, their colors are different (black for “Herbalife,” green for “Nutrition”).

Old emblem


At first glance, the previous version of the biệu tượng công ty looks very much lượt thích the current one. If you take a closer look at the text, though, you’ll notice a couple of notable differences. To begin with, the letters are taller & thinner on the old biểu tượng logo. Also, there seems to lớn be more breathing space between them than on the current emblem.

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The glyphs themselves aren’t the same, too. For instance, the “E’s” on the old wordmark had the horizontal bars of different lengths. The top bar was the shordemo, while the lowest bar was the longest. In a way, their lengths reflected the proportions of the leaves (or petals) of the plant in the picture.

You can also notice that the right kết thúc of the “R” is simpler than it is on the current emblem. The two diagonal bars forming the “A” differ by width.



In the official br& guidelines, the company names Helvetica Neue the core brand phông. The old Herbalife logo, though, featured a different type.

The current hình ảnh appears to lớn be based on Neue Helvetica Pro 65 Medium (or a similar version of this type). The font wasn’t taken as it was but slightly flattened. The customization was necessary to lớn make sure the double-lined wordmark was the same height as the pictorial part of the emblem.



According lớn the version of the brvà guidelines issued in năm 2016, the shade of green featured on the biểu tượng logo is the PANTONE 368 C.