Prudential Financial is the biggest American company in the insurance segment. It was established in 1875 và today takes the leading position in national rankings, having its subsidiaries in almost 50 countries across the globe.
A Policy lớn meet your needs.

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Growing và protecting your wealth.

Affordable. Rock Solid . Term Essential Life Insurance.

Meaning & history


1860 – 1875


The Prudential Financial hình ảnh is timeless và instantly recognizable. The company’s symbol, the Rock of Gibraltar, was chosen in the 1860s & the first hình ảnh was designed with the drawing of it & an inscription “The Prudential Has the Strength of Gibraltar”.

1875 – 1910


There were nine major redesigns of the Prudential Financial logo, but all of them contained the image of the rock, symbol of strength & security, the main characteristics of the company.

1910 – 1920

The 1910 emblem is very similar to lớn their previous brochure. It’s the same image, except turned black-and-white, cut into a round form and framed by a ribbon that says the name of who founded the business.

1920 – 1940

In 1920, they took the same monochrome picture of the Gibraltar Rock, but cut into a rectangle shape và with a bit more nuance.

1940 – 1950

The following kiến thiết is largely the same, except the frame is solid black, and there are now several horizontal lines with an ‘r’ trademark in the middle.

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1950 – 1977

In 1950, the rectangular shape of the hình ảnh was updated to a circle. The text inside was scrapped, but, other than that, nothing else really changed.

1977 – 1984

The Prudential Financial hình ảnh sản phẩm from 1977 featured a modern slanted logotype with a thick underline, placed on the right from the iconic emblem. The emblem was enclosed intro a thin circular frame, which complemented the smooth lines of the sand-serif logotype typeface. Under the thick horizontal line, there was a thin narrowed “Life. Health. Auto. Home.” The tagline, showing the directions of the company.

1984 – 1989

The concept of the logo was changed in 1984, và this is when the blue và white màu sắc palette was adopted. The new logotype was mix in a traditional sans-serif font with “The” in thin lines và “Prudential” in bold ones. The two-part of the inscription were placed without any space between them và set on the left from the modern blue & white emblem, where the iconic shapes were redrawn in a more contemporary way. The mountain was still enclosed into a circular frame.

1989 – 1996

In 1999 the monochrome màu sắc palette was brought back by the company, though all other elements remained almost untouched. The only big change of these years was about the emblem, where the stylized geometric image was replaced by a more detailed & recognizable one.

1996 – Today


The current Prudential Financial biệu tượng công ty was created in 1996 & is composed of a rectangle with a wordmark & an emblem on its left. The inscription is written in a classic serif typeface, which is Prudential Roman, created by Doyald Young in 1996.

The emblem is enclosed in a circle và features confident lines with sharp angles.

The blue và white màu sắc palette of the Prudential Financial logo evokes a sense of reliability and stability. The biệu tượng công ty shows the company as powerful & influential.