Vietnam giới Airlines is the name of one of the oldest và most trusted airway companies in Vietphái mạnh, which was established in 1956 as Vietnam giới Civil Aviation. Today it is the main air carrier in its country, with yearly revenue of about 2 million USD.

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Meaning và history


The visual identity of the Vietnamese company has dramatically changed just once in its history, in 2002. The original logo, created in 1956 stayed with the air carrier for almost four decades, which says a lot about the stability and confidence of the company.

1956 – 2002


The first hình ảnh sản phẩm for Vietphái nam Airlines was designed in 1956 và featured a very elegant và light combination of a graphical emblem and a logotype written along the bottom line. The whole image was executed in light purple lines and usually placed on a trắng background. This palette looked airy and tender, symbolizing air and freedom.

The original Vietnam giới Airlines emblem featured a stylized image of a burg with the lines of its wings emboldened and elongated, stretched up & khổng lồ the sides. The bird was flying to lớn the left và was passing a circular contour, which stood for the sun.

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As for the inscription, it was mix in the uppercase with its bold geometric sans-serif letters italicized.

2002 – 2015


The rekiến thiết of 2002 brought a new image lớn the company và a completely new symbol. The flying burg was replaced by a golden lotus, but this was not the only change. The concept was completely redrawn.

The new logo sản phẩm of Vietphái mạnh Airlines featured bold blue lettering in a fancy and elegant typeface, with only two letters capitalized. The wordmark was phối on the right from the new emblem — a solid and smooth image of the lotus in a dark gold shade.

2015 – Today


Minor changes were made to lớn the Vietphái nam Airlines visual identity in 2015. The golden lotus remained untouched, just became a bit smaller in comparison lớn the previous version. The only visible thing was about the lettering, which kept its nice and calm shade of blue but switched its typeface to lớn a cleaner & more modern one, with distinct bold lines of its smooth letters.