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Don"t let the link limit you. Make your link tư vấn your brvà. The new standard of shortening link. A new standard for links analytics. Discover quality redirects analytics - work with your team together building your br& engagment. Manage your link lượt thích a pro.

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URL Shortener

Free custom URL Shortener with many features that gives you better chất lượng for link shortening. Shortened URLs will never expire. We bởi vì not display ads during direct redirecting to lớn the original url.

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Link Analytics Platform

Traông chồng each shortened links in real-time & measure its performance to lớn underst& it. Detailed analytics provides you info about clicks, social truyền thông clicks, page referrer, devices, browsers, systems, geo location.

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Link Management Platform

Optimize và customize each short URL khổng lồ take advantage of its potential. Set your custom alias (name), use it in affiliate programs, get QR code for printing flyers and much more.

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Shortened links slug, alias

Custom alias name of your shortened url

Name your links with your own custom name. Links with a custom alias name are much more clickable và more readable than other link. Internet users trust more in url addresses that define the nội dung / name of the links. This solution is more useful and significantly increases the click-through rates.


code generator

UTM parameters are used in liên kết to lớn determine the effectiveness of sale and campaigns coming from various sources & media directing through a liên kết to lớn a given website. Thanks khổng lồ this solution, you can effectively verify the traffic coming from a specific advertising chiến dịch. UTM parameters:Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, Campaign Name, Campaign Term, Campaign Content

Password protected links

The short links can only be opened after entering the password

Short links available after entering the password. This is ikhuyến mãi if you want the links to lớn be opened only by the person with the password.

Mobile liên kết redirects

điện thoại alternative sầu linking

For Mobile devices, the link will redirect to saved urls. Android, iOS, Widnows Phone...

Advanced link editing

change Source URL / chất lượng clicks

Analyze chất lượng redirects khổng lồ find out even more about real clicks. You can define the uniqueness time yourself.Changing the source links is a great convenience. Now, when the source liên kết changes - you can easily edit it without the need to lớn generate a new short link.

Editing page titles

Change liên kết title

Is the page title sometimes too long or the page does not have meta tags to define its title? Now you can easily change the page titles in your shortened liên kết danh sách.

Link redirect expiration

Set the expiration parameters

Set the expiration parameters by dateSet the expiration parameters according to lớn the number of clicks

Pixel settings

Embed retargeting pixels

inhop.vnly is a huge links analysis tool that allows you to lớn add pixels lớn short liên kết from many popular websites. Save pixels in your các mục và manage them easily.

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Test A/B/C

liên kết rotator

Set alternate redirect URLs. Thanks to lớn this, the redirection of links will work according lớn your settings. Depending on the subscription plan you have, you may have 50/50 redirects or enter percentage settings for the A / B / C kiểm tra. Thanks lớn this, you can kiểm tra up khổng lồ three different target link & check their effectiveness & conversion.

QR code

QR code generator for each short link

QR codes allow you to easily obtain clicks on our liên kết from printed materials, flyers, billboards, etc. In inhop.vnly, we automatically generate a QR code for each shortened links.

Share your links

Post links on social media

Share your links on social media. In inhop.vnly, you can bởi vì it from your dashbaord.

Link analytics

Link click-through analytics

Find out everything clicks on your liên kết. Thanks khổng lồ this, you will learn how khổng lồ improve sầu the click-through conversion. In inhop.vnly, for each shortened links, we give sầu you the opportunity to check the total number of clicks, the number of clicks broken down by: social media, refferals, devices, systems, browsers, specific device models, languages, geo-locations. You can also find out what bots visit your link.

Link Management PlatformThe new standard in links management

Managing link is even easier using the features available in the dashboard after logging in, as well as using the API. makes link management easier than ever, & advanced analytics allow you lớn understand what is happening with your link - so you know what you can improve và get the highest click-through rate.

inhop.vnly offers: link shortening, Llnk analytics, branded liên kết & own domains, advanced dashboard, building own teams, API, unique link click-through rate measurement

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Link Analytics - traông xã và analyze liên kết to increase conversion allows you lớn measure the click-through rates of your link, so you can find out what is happening with your liên kết. Thanks khổng lồ this, you can learn about the habits và preferences of your users và customers. This allows you khổng lồ improve and increase the click-through rate of your link to get the highest possible click-through and visit rates for your trang web or store, và this will increase your sales. In addition, thanks lớn the ability to lớn independently set uniqueness in the liên kết click-through analysis, you have sầu one of the most advanced links management platforms at your disposal.

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Custom Branded DomainsShorten links using your own branded domain while increasing the click-through rate

Do you need a tool that will allow you to shorten link, trachồng their click-through rates, but also preserve sầu and represent your brand? gives you this opportunity. You can shorten and analyze links cliông xã rates under your own brvà - you can add multiple custom domains and replace "" with "yourowndomain".

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* Team FeaturesManage links in teams by inviting members và assigning roles khổng lồ team members

Create your own teams và invite members to join them. Organize your work in a better & more efficient way. Shorten, manage & analyze link by supporting your brand with your own teams.

Each team can add and manage their own liên kết, invite their own team members, add & use their own domains và use their own API dedicated to lớn each team.

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* for developers - APIUse one of the available APIs khổng lồ increase và organize your links management in a more efficient way

Start using the API lớn add, edit link as well as download cliông chồng statistics. The API also allows you to lớn add và edit liên kết in your own domain. On our trang web, you can use several APIs depending on your subscription. Each team you create has its own API key, so links management can be organized in your own way.