Biaxially oriented polyester films have outstanding mechanical strength, dimensional stability, transparency và chemical resistance. They are available in many different grades and they are used for a wide range of applications. Polyester film is sold in rolls or cases of 100 individual sheets.

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Dimensions:24 in x 48 in
Thickness:0.001 in – 0.014 in
Available in custom widths và lengths

Clear, Natural, White, Hazy
Gloss, High Haze
Print Treated 2 Sides, Slip Treated 2 Sides, Hardcoat 1 Side, Untreated

Length, width, thickness, & diameter tolerances vary by form size, manufacturer, brand, & grade. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Polyester Film Properties and Material Options

General purpose polyester films–including Skyrol®SR50, SR53, và SG00 and Garfilm EM6 have excellent mechanical properties, dielectric strength, and dimensional stability, as well as low water absorption, & good resistance lớn most chemicals. These general purpose films are often used for industrial laminates and electric motor & cable insulation.

Print treated polyester films–including Skyrol®SH22, SH82, V5400, & SW84G are print-grade polyester films that have sầu enhanced adhesion lớn inks and adhesives. They are used for printing và solvent-based coating applications. These films are often specified for printed labels, masking applications, engineering drawings, and face shields.

Slip treated polyester film–Skyrol®SH72S is an optically clear, two side slip treated polyester film with high clarity & gloss, good dimensional stability, & excellent handling characteristics. SH72S is used for flexible packaging, face shields, spacers, gaskets, and carrier film applicaitons.

Hard coated polyester films–including Flexiber UV01 and Flexiber MP01APM have UV-cured hard surface coatings that give sầu them excellent scratch resistance. These materials have a smooth surface on one side & an anti-glare surface on the reverse side. These films are used in automotive sầu applications, membrane switch overlays, appliances, nameplates, & touchscreens.

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Tech Tip–Although biaxially oriented polyester films have sầu excellent resistance to many industrial chemicals, they tover lớn become brittle when exposed to lớn hot water & steam.Curbell offers conversion services which include:

Die cuttingSheetingGuillotiningSlittingRewindingInterleavingTippingMaskingSpoolingLaminating

Tensile strengthpmê say MD(KG/mmét vuông TD)ASTM D88228,000 (20)30,000 (21)
Tensile modulus of elasticitypsiASTM D882430,000
Elongation at break% MDTDASTM D882140100
HazeASTM D10031.5
Light trasmission%%ASTM D100393
GlossASTM D523185
Heat shrinkage% MDTDSKC Method(150°C x 30 min)1.30.5

Values may vary according lớn brand name. Please ask your Curbell Plastics representative for more specific information about an individual brand.

Unit correlation:Gauge = μ/0.254pđắm đuối = Kg/mm2×1422.3N/mm2=Kg/mm2×9.8

Explore the physical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, và optical properties of polyester film.

Sort, compare, and find the plastic material suited for your application using our interactive sầu properties table.

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