Canon IX6770 color printer error 5B00 cannot print, you need to lớn tải về the Canon Pixma ix 6770 Resetter software to lớn rephối (clean) the printer to lớn its original mode.

This article will guide you on how lớn rephối Canon IX6770 with 7 flashing lights error và error message 5B00, 1700.5B01.5B02 unable lớn print.

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To remix the Canon IX 6770 printer, you need lớn Download SoftwareCANON Service Tool V.4905 then condition the Canon Pixma IX 6770 Printer into Service Mode.

How to Settings enter the Canon Pixma 6770 Printer Save Mode

Turn off the printerHold the paper button & press & hold the power button.Continue to lớn hold the power button and release the paper button.Press the paper button 5 times, then release the power button.You will see 2 lights are no longer blinking, your printer is in Service Mode.

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When your printer has entered the service mode Canon IX 6770 Model then Run the Canon Pixma 6770 Resetter, a display will appear as shown below:

in Absorber "Clear Ink Counter", select "Main" to the right of Counter Value (%) 0, select "Set", then set mode D khổng lồ = 0. You cliông xã "EEPROM Save" lớn kiểm tra the result, and press EEPROM to let the printer prints the demo.

Once you have completed the steps above, turn off your device & turn it back on to complete the rephối Canon IX6770.

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