This product is discontinued.It is replaced by SCI20-S (20L) LED Digital Overhead Stirrer 50-2200rpm.

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OS20-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer Features:


A wide range of speed from 50 khổng lồ 2200rpmAnalog speed controls displayed on the LED displayBrushless DC motor for long life và maintenance freeHigh torque for viscous medium stirringSafety circuits allow for safe stop function in anti-stall or overload conditionsLED screen for monitoring actual speedOver torque protection automatically stops the motor Pass through stirrer rods acceptedKeyless chuckMulti voltage 110-220VcTUVus approved for UL & CSA2 YEAR WARRANTY












OS20-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer Specifications:


Maximum stirring capacitytrăng tròn Liters
Maximum torque40Ncm
Viscosity maximum10000mPas
Speed range50-2200rpm
Speed display accuracy± 3rpm
Speed display resolution± 1rpm
Chuông chồng diameter range0.5-10mm
Dimensions3.3W x 8.7H x 7.3Dinches
Motor rating input60W
Motor rating output50W
Voltage/Power110-220Volts 50/60Hz/ 70W
Motor typebrushless DC motor
Speed displayLED
Overload protection displayLED lights
Protection classIP42
Permissible ambient temperature và humidity5-40°C, 80%RH

* OS20-S (20L) LED Digital Overhead Stirrer 50-2200rpm
2 Year Warranty


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