Collect On Delivery or C.O.D. minimizes risk for the shipper when it comes to lớn collecting payment for goods. Payments are collected by the truchồng driver. Packages are delivered only when payment has been collected.

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Company A would like lớn collect payments for their goods but minimize the processing cost of physical checks & monthly bank fees. They can sign up for a C.O.D. contract with FedEx or UPS that would allow the carriers khổng lồ collect payments on their behalf. Once payment is received, direct payments are given to lớn Company A 2-3 days from the delivery date. The $12.50 charge seems reasonable. However, if you are sending out 30 packages a day at $12.50, that is $375.00 a day! The igiảm giá khuyến mãi time to lớn use this service is if you are sending a few packages a day.

FedEx và UPS carry a lot of risk while attempting khổng lồ deliver và collect payments on your behalf. If the package is lost or stolen, the carrier is liable for all costs. What if a check that is collected bounces due to insufficient funds? FedEx and UPS will have sầu to lớn spover time and resources lớn re-collect the monies owed from the customer.

All packages delivered are guaranteed by a certain time. This puts a lot of pressure on truông chồng drivers lớn finish their daily routes in a timely manner. Failure to deliver packages on time means that shippers can tệp tin for service refunds for 100% of the cost of the shipment. The bottom line here is that drivers vị not like to lớn deliver C.O.D. packages. Drivers have to spkết thúc time waiting for packages lớn be opened và checks to lớn be written.

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FedEx C.O.D. allows the shipper lớn designate the amount of money that the FedEx Ground driver collects from the recipient when a package is delivered. If the FedEx Ground driver collects guaranteed funds, or a company and/or personal check, the payment is sent directly khổng lồ the shipper via U.S. mail. If cash is collected, by the next business day, FedEx Ground issues a check lớn the shipper in the amount of the cash collected. The FedEx issued check is sent to lớn the shipper using the U.S. Postal Service. The shipper must designate the type of payment lớn be collected by FedEx Ground. FedEx Ground C.O.D. is not available with the FedEx trang chủ Delivery® service.


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