When it comes lớn soap packaging, there are so many choices, because soap is one of the most basic skincare product in our life. Kraft packaging is popular for handmade soaps, beauty, laundry, medicated soaps, and organic soaps because their natural look and eco-friendly features make soap packaging recyclable. The main Kraft soap packaging types including kraft soapbox with or without window, the regular window types are a rectangular and oval window & many customized shaped window. Beside brown Kraft soap boxes, some soap makers also like to lớn use Kraft sleeve sầu or Kraft wrappers for wrapping their handmade soaps to distinguish their soap brands from the competitive sầu soap market.

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Buy wholesale plain Kraft soap boxes is a cost-effective sầu way to lớn preserve your soaps & can protect them from damage và contamination, because the Kraft paper board is durable and sturdy, not easily tear or rip during transport. However, plain soap packaging has its shortage, can't promote your soap brand. If you just make some handmade soap and give sầu them lớn your friends, then wholesale plain soapboxes is a good choice, but if you want lớn start a soap brand và want khổng lồ compete in the endless choice market, you have khổng lồ use custom soap packaging to lớn win the sale by catching eyes & let customers rethành viên your br& và build customer loyalty for your soap br&. If you want khổng lồ save cost, you can at least stick your customize sticker on the plain brown soap boxes with certain useful information about your soap.


Custom designed natural Kraft soap boxes with creative sầu and chất lượng outlook allow you to pachồng and showcase your soap on the retail shelf khổng lồ stvà out và highlight your soap products. These custom boxes not only for packing your soaps but help khổng lồ promote your brand in your soap business. They can be customized with soap brvà biểu tượng logo, ingredients, & other company and useful information on the boxes. Custom soap boxes have sầu different styles & themes for choices if your soap comes in various flavors. Also, the box sizes can be customized to hold multiple quantity soaps as you want khổng lồ make beauty and uniqueness soap boxes to lớn satisfy even the pickiest consumers.


Most custom printed Kraft foldable soap boxes are easy assembly and glue-free they are a convenient way to lớn paông xã và transport soaps without spending time on cutting & gluing soaps in wrapping tissue paper. They are also shipped in flat lớn saving shipping cost. Custom soap boxes can be designed in different shapes, colors & styles lớn make your product packaging looks noticeable on shelves to grab customers attention. Consumers will appreciate your soap unique if they are packed in beautiful packaging, the well-packed soaps will consent consumers' confidence in your brand.


Custom Kraft soap boxes with die-cut rectangle window or round, oval-shaped window is a creative way lớn display your soap let customers peek through the box và smell the soap without opening the soap boxes. You can also choose to lớn glue a clear PVC on the window if you want lớn have a big window. PVC window can protect your soap from damage & contaminated from the big window.

Kraft soap packaging made from high quality recyclable Kraft paper which is durable & even getting wet, they are strong enough to hold the soap. They can prolong the preserve sầu shelf time to lớn your soap sản phẩm, và they are environment friendly packaging comparing lớn plastic soap wrapper. Natural handmade soap should packed with a natural soap box to let consumers know your soap features to lớn enhance the natural properties of your handmade soaps. Presentaion is always a good way to promote your brand và deliver br& message to lớn buyers.

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Custom pillow boxes isanother option as a creative sầu soap packaging, the pillow-shaped Kraft boxes have sầu a very xinh đẹp look with custom artwork printed, they can be as small as you want to lớn pack small soap bar or soap samples to display in the store or give sầu them khổng lồ your customer at anexhibition. They are easy to lớn fold up and glue-không tính phí option, you can decorate them with ribbon as well. You can also buy Plain Kraft pillow boxfrom our store and stiông chồng some custom printed labels on them lớn save time & cost if you just need a small quantity of handmade soap packaging.

Kraft paper slide drawer boxes for soap packing is also an igiảm giá option. The wide border of the drawer box will protect the soap inside from been crushed even drop to lớn the floor. Also, the slide open drawer is a chất lượng unboxing experience for a soap buyer. A clear window help to show off your soap when display on shelves. You can buy various sizes unprinted plainKraft drawer boxfrom our store and stick your branded sticker labels to lớn save sầu time và cost if you only need a small quantity of handmade soap packaging.

If you are looking for a simple way khổng lồ wrap your handmade soaps, the Kraft paper sleeve wrapper is a good choice. The kích thước of the size should be perfectly designed lớn fit your soap, too loose or too tight vày not fit the soap well. As Kraft paper is durable even get wet, so the consumers may vì not need to take off the sleeve sầu at the first time using the soap, they can grab the soap with the Kraft soap sleeve and vị the watching job. You can print simple one-color biểu tượng logo và soap information on the Kraft soap wrapper to promote your br& at a lower cost than other Kraft soap boxes packaging.

Except for Kraft paper soap packaging, we can also make other White paper soap boxes. Because Trắng virgin paper can be printed with more beautiful artwork than Kraft paper, many soap makers still like lớn use White paper packaging for their soap boxes. They can be full color printed, even with some PMS colors, plus other premium printing finishes such as spot UV, embossing and hot foil stamping. You can inquiry us for custom soap packaging with various paper material.

If you want to lớn custom made your own branded paper soap packaging, or you are at the early stage want khổng lồ know a price idea or get a soapbox die-line to lớn make artwork designing, you can simply cliông xã below button lớn fill out a quichồng khung khổng lồ request a không tính phí quote from us, we will sover a quote to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry.