Korean actor Lee Min Ho is on every K-drama fan"s mind right now. On the morning of August 30, Dispatch released an exclusive report stating the actor was dating MOMOLAND thành viên Yeonwoo. They were snapped together on a casual movie date, according khổng lồ the K-media outlet.

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Since the dating rumors sparked, the actor"s agency has denied the reports. However, along with the supposed couple, there"s another actress everyone wants to lớn know about: Lee Min Ho"s ex-girlfriend and Start Up actress, Bae Suzy.

Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy were reportedly dating back in 2015 and broke up in 2017. Bae Suzy was also a thành viên of the popular girl group Miss A at the time. Let"s take a look at the timeline of their dating journey.

When did Lee Min Ho & Bae Suzy start dating?

It all started on March 23, 2015, when Dispatch released exclusive dating reports of Lee Min Ho và Bae Suzy.

The report stated the actors" similar flight patterns and revealed that they had been dating for almost two months. They left for Europe on March 10 together, even though they had different destinations, Lee Min Ho for a shoot in Paris and Suzy had another photoshoot in London.

They then met up later on March 15, leaving their cars at intervals và traveling differently so as not to lớn raise suspicions.

After the exclusive report, Lee Min Ho"s then-agency, Starhaus Entertainment, and Bae Suzy"s then-agency, JYP Entertainment, released official statements confirming their relationship on the same day.

Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy"s dating timeline

Dispatch is known for keenly watching celebrities, clicking pictures in secret, & revealing their personal lives.

Dispatch provided images from Lee Min Ho và Bae Suzy"s date in February 2015, và that"s where their suspicions started.

The K-media outlet first noticed them exiting a bar in Shinsadong together in February 2015.

On February 25, 2015, Lee Min Ho reportedly picked up Suzy at Samsung-dong, and they went for a date at the Namsan river, driving around Itaewon. Suzy is seen wearing a black hoodie, a trắng frock, và a mask.

On March 10, 2015, Lee Min Ho và Suzy arrived at the Incheon International Airport at different times khổng lồ fly khổng lồ their specific destinations.

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Sometimes overseas, Lee Min Ho completed his schedule in France and traveled khổng lồ London. He arrived at the Waldorf Hotel, picking up Suzy. They then headed khổng lồ the Shangrila hotel at The Shard, where they spent a couple of days together.

Dispatch clicked pictures of Suzy trying to lớn hide her face with a cloak. After she left the car, Lee Min Ho stepped from the same car, covering his face with a shawl.

On March 18, Suzy returned to South Korea from her trip, whereas Lee Min Ho returned on March 19.

On March 23, 2015, Dispatch broke the news of the couple dating. On the same day, both the celebrities" agencies confirmed it.

What"s the story behind Lee Min Ho và Bae Suzy?

Lee Min Ho was the one lớn actively approach Bae Suzy, according to Soompi"s report on March 24, 2015.

According to the same article, an acquaintance of the couple stated that even though they were busy with their schedules & photoshoots, they took time out to lớn go on dates with each other. Miss A was expected khổng lồ make a comeback on March 30, meaning Suzy would definitely have been busy.

Bae Suzy on Lee Min Ho: "He is a deeply caring and warm person"

On March 30, 2015, Miss A held their comeback showcase in front of multiple reporters. A reporter asked Suzy what attracted her to Lee Min Ho, khổng lồ which she replied:

"He is a deeply caring và warm person, so my interest in him grew. We will continue to lớn meet well."

When asked about her London trip captured by Dispatch, she replied:

"Our photoshoot schedules overlapped, so we ended up meeting in London. We didn’t vì anything special in London. We went for a drive, ate food, và just spent time together lượt thích ordinary people."

Lee Min Ho & Bae Suzy rumors

A year later, in August 2016, rumors sparked about the couple breaking up. However, both actors" agencies released official statements clarifying that the couple was still meeting và there was no potential for a breakup.

Then in November 2016, there were rumors of the couple getting secretly married as Suzy was spotted with a wedding ring. Being the nation"s couple, Lee Min Ho and Suzy were hardly off social truyền thông media headlines.

Lee Min Ho & Bae Suzy"s breakup

On November 16, 2017, Suzy"s agency JYP Entertainment confirmed that the couple broke up after three years of being together.

The reason for their breakup was revealed to be personal. Truyền thông media outlets also shared that the couple had decided to lớn remain good friends.

There were recent rumors of Lee Min Ho dating The King: Eternal Monarch"s co-star Kim Go Eun. It was majorly because of fans loving the lead couple"s on-screen và off-screen chemistry.

The fandom pretending to be surprised when Kim Go Eun & Lee Min Ho announce that they are dating.#MinEun #mineuncouple #LeeMinHo #KimGoEun pic.twitter.com/4mIaUozU9K

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